Customers who regularly monitor the status of their accounts manage their finances more responsibly, are more secure from fraud, and are better informed about news and benefits of the services tailored to their needs. 
In order to provide you with better access to information on your assets, we have introduced free SMS notifications for the following services:
  • Payment of your salary or other income from Macedonia or abroad
  • All payments made at payment terminals (POS), Internet payments and ATM withdrawals larger than MKD 6,000 
  • Notification that your card expiration date is approaching
  • Notification that your card can be collected from our branch office
  • Notification that the interest on your deposit is due
You can also receive additional SMS notifications for services such as:
  • Domestic and international inflows on your account (for natural and legal persons)
  • Payment of your salary or pension (for natural persons)
  • Transactions performed with a credit card > MKD 500 (for all types of credit and debit cards, including Visa Business)
A fixed monthly price is charged for additional notifications according to the bank’s official price list.
The SMS notification service is available to customers with an active mobile phone subscription with an authorised mobile operator in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.
You can apply for SMS notifications at any branch office of the ProCredit Bank (network of branches).
For additional information, contact the Contact Centre on: +3982 2446 000 or write to: