Environmental Standards

ProCredit Bank sets high standards regarding the effect on the environment expressed through the Environmental Protection Policy in ProCredit Bank applicable in all aspects of its own operation and this Policy has been certified by ISO 14001:2015. This commitment implies the existence of a Environmental Management System that consists of three pillars:

Pillar 1: Internal environmental management system

ProCredit Bank Macedonia is putting in place an approach to better understand and improve the sustainability of its own energy use and environmental impact. Our branch construction team is responsible for making sure that our offices are as energy efficient as possible. All ProCredit Bank’s premises are entirely equipped with energy regulating systems which automatically reduce the consumption of energy needed for lighting, heating and cooling, thus maximising the usage of daylight and regulating the energy consumed during the absence of employees. In addition, the newly opened branches were all built using “energy smart” materials such as: energy-efficient insulation, windows and bulbs, further reducing energy consumption. Moreover, all promotional materials are printed on special “wood and chlorine free” paper, which also significantly contributes to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of toxic emissions.

Environmental issues are an essential component of the training provided to ProCredit Bank staff at the local, regional and international level. A special internal campaign on green initiatives was launched to raise environmental awareness among staff. The campaign communicated the importance of energy efficiency awareness and its life-improving impact by providing examples of how to reduce the use of energy at home and at work. These examples were presented in the internal newsletter in a series of articles on saving energy, water and paper. In addition, the bank’s marketing team distributed small stickers for the electrical appliances and office equipment, such as printers and personal computers, serving as reminders to employees to turn these off when they leave the office or when the equipment is not in use. Moreover, several green clean-up initiatives at various locations throughout Macedonia were carried out by ProCredit Bank’s staff.

Pillar 2: Management of environmental risk in lending

ProCredit Bank Macedonia has implemented an environmental management system based on continuous assessment of the loan portfolio according to environmental criteria, an in-depth analysis of all economic activities which potentially involve environmental risks, and the rejection of loan applications from enterprises engaged in activities which are deemed environmentally hazardous and appear on our institution’s exclusion list. By incorporating environmental issues into the loan approval process, ProCredit Bank Macedonia is also able to raise its clients’ overall level of environmental awareness.
ProCredit Bank has compiled a list of activities which have a negative impact on the natural environment and our society. Loan applications from enterprises involved in activities that appear on our exclusion list will be rejected. For the full exclusion list, please click here

Pillar 3: Promotion of “green finance”

ProCredit Bank Macedonia aims to promote economic development that is as environmentally sustainable as possible. In July 2009, we launched a programme of green finance products – one of the first of its kind in Macedonia – consisting of energy efficiency loans for private individuals as well as for businesses. In addition, “ECO specialists” at each branch of ProCredit Bank were trained to advise our clients about energy-efficient investment opportunities and guide their decisions towards more energy-efficient solutions. A full-fledged marketing campaign to raise awareness of the green lending programme for private individuals and businesses took place during the autumn.

This initiative has also involved building relationships with suppliers of environmentally friendly equipment and services, and encouraging them to offer products bearing the EU standard energy efficiency labels.

Since the start of this programme, the bank has disbursed 53 home improvement energy efficiency loans and 69 loans to businesses to finance investments in energy-efficient fixed assets. At the end of 2011 the home improvement loan portfolio amounted to approximately EUR 500,000 , while outstanding business energy efficiency loans totalled just over EUR 1,200,000.

The bank aims to use its green finance products and approach to increase public awareness and understanding. With that goal in mind, ProCredit Bank also took part in several round table discussions targeted at journalists, and suppliers and buyers of energy-efficient materials. In this way, ProCredit Bank has established itself as a financial partner that encourages these types of investments by offering preferential terms and conditions.
For additional questions about our Environmental Policy please do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail: info@procreditbank.com.mk.
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