Eco Term Deposits

By the eco term deposits the saved assets flow into a fund intended for loan placements with preferential interest rate that support projects in the area of Energy Efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and protection of the environment.

Main characteristics of eco term deposit are identical with those of the Standard Term Deposit; the only difference is that in this type of deposit an offer for preference interest rate is not possible. 


What benefits you get if you deposit your money with the ProCredit Bank’s time deposit?

  • Opportunity to deposit your assets in denar or euro equivalent.

  • Opportunity to choose fixed and guaranteed interest rate by the end of the time deposit period.

  • Safe place for your deposit in German bank

  • If you need your assets before the maturing date, you can prematurely withdraw them thereby receiving an interest on demand.

  • Opportunity to leave a positive impact on the environment.

How the assets of the ECO Term Deposit are used


For deposits with other maturities, please see our Pricelist.

How to open a term deposit account at ProCredit Bank?

Bring a valid form of identification (your ID card or passport) to any branch of ProCredit Bank (see map of ProCredit Bank branches)

  • The majority of the bank's capital is German, so customers can be confident that their funds are safe. Additionally, ProCredit Bank protects its depositors’ funds through the Deposit Insurance Fund.

  • EUR 61.30 61.4950 61.80
  • USD 53.35 54.6088 55.35
  • CHF 52.75 54.0948 55.35
  • GBP 69.55 70.7246 71.95
  • CNY 6.00 7.8484 8.00